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Koa Labs : The Next Chapter

Over the past 5+ years I’ve been working hard to help develop founder culture in Cambridge/Boston ecosystem. Thanks to my wife Amy for supporting my seemingly never ending startup addiction – she’s an amazing partner and soul mate.  As I … Continue reading

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Incredible milestone for Upstart #proudseedinvestor

Today Upstart announced that it had received the FIRST “no action letter” from the CFPB.  Details are in Dave’s post here.  This is an incredible moment for consumer lending as the future of the industry hinges on the responsible use … Continue reading

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Reposted from Dataconomy Rich Miner – Android co-founder, formerly Google Ventures, now Google — asked me recently “What if companies managed their data like they manage their money?” It’s a basic but profound question that merits some thoughts based on … Continue reading

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Podcast on founding of Recorded Future with Christopher Ahlberg

Christopher Ahlberg and I spent some time reflecting on the founding of Recorded Future.  Podcast is here. If you haven’t heard of Recorded Future – you soon will.  RF is truly one of the driving forces for good in cyber … Continue reading

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AWS Glue, ETL, and the Persistent Challenge of Data Variety

Yesterday Amazon announced the public availability of AWS Glue which they describe as a fully managed ETL service that aims to streamline the challenges of data preparation. The service was previewed back in December 2016 at Amazon’s re:Invent conference, so while it’s not a … Continue reading

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Koa Lab’s Support for NEVCA’s Anti-Discrimination & Sexual Harassment Statement

Discrimination and sexual harassment are intolerable in any environment, and they are kryptonite for the diversity that unleashes the innovations that empower startups to change the world.  I was appalled by the allegations in The Information about the repeated episodes … Continue reading

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Best SaaS tools for Startups Revisted

Fantastic post here from Ariel Diaz @ Blissfully.  I did similar post here a few years ago.  Figured I’d do a quick update on the tools that I like/use at the moment – amazing how quickly the landscape changes. My … Continue reading

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