Team Palmer

I was truly moved by this article in Wired last week. As anyone who knows me well will tell you – I think of start-ups as a team sport and my most important teammate is, and will always be, my wife Amy.

From day one Amy encouraged my irrational entrepreneurial interests. When I graduated from Tuck, we had a 1 year old daughter, a pile of debt and a pullout couch that we’d been sleeping on. Amy encouraged me to pursue my passion for software startups instead of chasing a method of paying off B-School loans. She insisted I go to work for a small AI startup in Austin TX – Trilogy – making half of the comp I might have made as a banker. I had studied AI as an undergrad at Bowdoin and even though AI was out of favor in the early 1990’s I couldn’t imagine doing anything cooler. She didn’t understand what AI was, but off we moved to Texas, away from everyone we knew but towards some of the best BBQ in the world.

Through innumerable sacrifices, dozens of failures and a few precious wins, Amy has been incredible as a partner in life and in work. Everything we have accomplished together is ours and most of the credit goes to her. While raising our four children and quietly building her own art career (check out her latest series @, she has provided the rock-solid foundation that has allowed me to start companies and play with computers for the past 25 years. Like most great partnerships, I can always count on her to check me with the hard question at just the right time.

Amy – thanks for being the best partner a rugby playing software nerd could ever expect. I owe my successes to you – and you can have all the cash – oh wait – as you taught me – none of it really belongs to us in the first place 😉

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