Patent Troll Reform – next steps after Senate victory this past week

Thanks to everyone who provided their support last week regarding the Patent Troll reform legislation that is working its way through Beacon Hill. We have good news to report!
The bill S.2622 passed in the Senate, and now the focus is on the House of Representatives.
emails and phone calls will be effective in helping to reinforce the importance of this bill for the long term economic health of our state and our commercial ecosystem.
If you are not sure who your representative is?
Here is a tool to help determine who to contact based on your street address:
You can email or call both the state rep where you live and where your company is located!
In addition to your own, please also email the following three reps, as they have the most influence :
Speaker of the House, Bob Deleo –
Chair, House Ways and Means, Jeffrey Sanchez –
House Chair, Joint Committee on Economic Development and Emerging Technologies –
The email that I sent is below – feel free to use as a reference:
Hello Representative __________,
I have spent my career in the high-tech industry and seen first-hand how the sector has generated hundreds of thousands of well-paying jobs and billions in revenue that has enriched our state. I believe the sector is at risk from “Patent Trolls” who use fear, obfuscation, and the threat of remote trials to squeeze money from emerging startups and needlessly distract the leading companies that power our economy.
As a constituent of yours, I urge you to use your power in support of legislation that would curb these bad actors and preserve our ability to serve as an innovation capital of the world.  Please make sure this important legislation that is included in the Senate version of the Economic Development Bill also is supported by the House.
Andy Palmer
Co-Founder and CEO, Tamr
Co-Founder, Koa Labs
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