Congrats to the team @ PillPack

I’m thrilled for my friends TJ and Elliot at PillPack on their announcement today with Amazon.

From the moment I met TJ and Elliot back in 2013 – I believed that if anyone was going to reinvent pharmacy it was going to be these two amazing entrepreneurs.  As one of the very first PillPack customers – I’ve believed from day one that PillPack is the future of pharmacy.

It was an honor to have the opportunity to spend time with TJ, Elliot and the PillPack team over the past five+ years.  Their entrepreneurial journey is a case study in how to build successful, mission-driven company from the ground up and I’m thankful to them for including me.

The future of our heathcare system in the US is a bit brighter today as the world recognizes the benefits of PillPack’s innovative approach to improving the lives of patients.

I look forward to seeing many more great companies from the Boston startup ecosystem that will have a dramatic impact on our US healthcare system – some of my favorite people/companies include :


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