Web Development in Cambridge : Grafton Studio

Two of my favorite things (startups and Cambridge) merge at Grafton Studio – a lean web agency led by my friend Sean Treacy, based right in Harvard Square (in fact, their office is visible from the main image on Koa’s landing page). This team of web designers and developers eat and breathe webtech, and have cut their teeth with some impressive clients as a result.

Having completed projects for MIT and Harvard, they most recently launched the Princeton and Slavery website, the culmination of a 5-year investigation into Princeton and greater New Jersey’s involvement with the institution of slavery.

For Boston Latin School, they developed a scalable booking and analytics app for their school’s library, guidance and nurse centers, featuring separate student and faculty dashboards.

Beyond established academic institutions, and tech giants like Google ISP, the Grafton Studios team have also worked with startups like Nedap, a retail article intelligence brand out of the Netherlands, and have just begun work with exciting concussion tech player Brain Power. They also designed and developed a website for AirToken (AIR), the cryptocurrency of Cambridge startup, Airfox.

If you’re looking for help with user experience design, visual design, front end and/or back end development, or if you would like to learn more about their experience, get in touch with Sean at sean@graftonstudio.com.


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