Kinsa – 10M+ real temperature readings to deliver world’s best real-time flu tracking

Lots of people (including myself) talk about the potential impact of information technology in healthcare – as published in the New York Times – Inder Singh and the Kinsa team are delivering real health benefits to real people every day – helping fight the flu.
More than 4 years ago I met Inder and I was truly inspired by his mission.  He was coming off of a tour of duty with the Clinton Health Access Initiative and was driven to help improve human health by creating a global map of human temperature.  He believed that a commercial, consumer driven approach was the right path and I couldn’t help but lean in to support Inder and his mission as a seed investor in Kinsa.
IMG_20141119_181842 (1)

Inder and I at Apple Store in Meatpacking NYC – on Nov 19, 2014 – first day that Kinsa was available in the Apple Store.

I’m blown away by the progress @ Kinsa over the past four years as they’ve created the best and least expensive smartphone connected thermometer that has generated 10M+ temperature readings.  The quantity of bottom up temperature readings has enabled them to build the worlds most advanced model for tracking flu trends.   Kinsa’s model is being hailed as the next generation capability to track flu trends – radically enhancing tools such as the models used by the CDC which are driven by data collected from hospitals or Google Flu trends which analyzes web search data.

The benefit of the Kinsa approach is being supercharged by the Kinsa FLUency schools program which gives away Kinsa thermometers to schools across the country – 400+ schools in the past 12 months.  Doing good while building a great company – truly awesome.

 The press is beginning to cover Kinsa – specifically :

I’m truly honored to be a small part of the Kinsa story and to consider Inder a friend.

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