Gender Diversity Milestone @ Boston TechStars

The current TechStars ’17 Boston class is > 50% women.  That’s right the 2017 TechStars Boston class is more than half women Founders/CEOs.  AWESOME.  JUST AWESOME.

This fact was reported lightly at xconomy and BostonInno – but I believe this milestone deserves a bigger call out as we seem to be making progress on startup gender diversity in Boston (we have a long way to go but we MUST recognize progress when appropriate).

Most startup ecosystems are plagued with a status quo of minimal gender diversity – but many of us in Boston/Cambridge believe that our core values and talent in our ecosystem uniquely position us to achieve an aspirational 50/50 mix of men/women founders within the ecosystem over time.

Under the leadership of Semyon Dukach the gender diversity of the current TechStars class reflects the potential for diversity in great startups – and of course shout out to Katie Rae and Reed Sturtevant for setting TechStars Boston on the right path.  Of course the entire Boston Techstars team deserves kudos.  I’ve blogged about the issue of gender diversity in startups in Boston in the past here.  Psyched to see us making progress and feel encouraged to redouble our efforts on improving all forms of diversity within our startup ecosystem.

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