The Boss has it right…

Amy and I were in London last week and she couldn’t stop reading the Bruce Springsteen autobiography “Born to Run”. She came across this passage which she sent to me with the note “this reminds me of how you feel about your work.” She nailed it.

“There is love and respect at the center of everything we do together. It’s not just business, it’s personal.  When you came to work with me, I had to be assured you’d bring your heart.  Heart sealed the deal.  That’s why the E Street Band plays steamroller strong and undiminished, forty years in, night after night…”  

Every time I see my friend Steve Papa he loves to give me a hard time “are you still cleaning up the world’s data?” 😉  The answer is always “yes” – and although at Tamr we live in the weeds of our customer’s “dirty data”, I love what we do – it’s more than a business for me – it’s personal.  When we are able to help our customers produce transformational analytics that are only possible because we’ve helped them create clean, unified data from across their company – it makes me incredibly proud of my work.  This is especially true when those analytics help them save hundreds of millions of dollars.  I suspect it’s a similar feeling (with a lot more 000’s) that Larry Page and Sergey Brin have when they watch the search logs and Google and see tens of millions of people finding information using tools they’ve built.

I can see the same pride from the people @ Tamr when they deliver for our customers.  I love “playing” with all the folks at Tamr and am psyched to be able to do what I love every day with people for who “bring their heart” to their work.  It’s not just business,  it’s personal for us.


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