Harry Weller – Great Investor & Even Better Person.

I am deeply saddened by the loss of Harry Weller.  Harry was my friend and trusted colleague.  We worked together on many companies including Vertica and Tamr where NEA was a lead investor.

Any time I was faced with an important decision (personal or professional) – I could always count on objective and thoughtful advice from my good friend Harry.

One of the biggest decisions that a serial entrepreneur makes when raising money is : from whom will I raise funds?

A key principle for me was always : only take venture funding from people (specifically people) who you trust to make outrageous amounts of money in the best case scenarios.  Harry was the kind of person for whom I was psyched to make money – no matter how outrageous the returns.  I always felt great about Harry and I making money together because I knew that he would turn right around and invest those returns in the next generation of great, mission driven entrepreneurs and startups.  The entrepreneurial community has lost one of it’s best members and I have lost a great friend – I will miss you brother.

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1 Response to Harry Weller – Great Investor & Even Better Person.

  1. I was fortunate to meet Harry some years back when I was at Austin Ventures. He seemed like (and now I know that) he was one of the Good Guys. Tragic loss.

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