eShares is a no-brainer

If you are running an early stage company or if you are an employee at an early stage company – I strongly recommend that you have your CFO/Admin folks adopt eShares for equity management.  If you send them the following link – they will get a special deal for people who read my blog :

I use eShares myself @ Tamr and > 10 of the companies in my portfolio @ Koa have adopted eShares over the past few months and all of them can’t imagine what they did beforehand.  It really is a no-brainer.

I wrote a blog post about why eShares is so important – link is here.

If you don’t believe me – then listen to Fred Wilson @ UnionSquare Ventures also uses eShares and feels the same way that I do – “no brainer” – his post is here.

Hope that you give it a try – totally worth it and you’ll find you can’t imagine what you did before eShares – I know I can’t.


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