Michael Stonebraker and Great Data Science Research

This past weekend my good friend Michael Stonebraker, co-founder and CTO of Tamr received the prestigious 2014 A.M. Turing Award for Computer Science.

This provided an opportunity for me to reflect on our 10+ year relationship and Michael’s long list of contributions to the field of data science in this piece, Where the Red Book Meets the Unicorn, recently published at Xconomy.com.

In particular, I stress the need for all next-gen computer scientists/software engineers interested in big data research and development to follow the lead of Stonebraker and other great computer scientists: work at the intersection of the academic and commercial worlds.  There, great discoveries were made and will continue to be made.

Pam Baker says it well in her story about Michael and Tamr’s recent series B funding event.  “While many company heads claim to be thought leaders, Stonebraker is the real deal.  Watch the man and his businesses for important clues on where big data is going next.”

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