Great Institutional Seed Funds in Boston/Cambridge are key to the startup ecosystem

As I talk to entrepreneurs, I am often asked about the best sources of seed funding.  In Boston over the past 10 years (in addition to a great core group of individual super-angels) there are now at least 5+ great institutional seed funds in Cambridge/Boston.  I’ve worked directly with many of them and highly recommend these excellent active funds and partners:

One of an entrepreneur’s many benefits of working with institutional seed funds is that you avoid the negative signaling effect of taking seed funding from a venture firm.  Depending on the situation it can make sense to work with venture firms on a seed round.  However, increasingly, my default advice to entrepreneurs with a new project (especially first timers) is to start with the institutional firms that specialize in seed funding (like those above) who generally invest < $1-2M in Seed and then take their pro-rata or even step back a bit as you do Series A+.

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2 Responses to Great Institutional Seed Funds in Boston/Cambridge are key to the startup ecosystem

  1. Andy, thanks for calling out all these great seed funds in Boston/Cambridge. But, I have to make a shameless plug for MassVentures: 37 years of continuous investing, $15M has returned $91M to the fund which has invested in 137 companies, and more than $1 billion in outside private equity to these companies. Our investments include companies as diverse as Applause, OwnerIQ, Harvest Automation, Curoverse, and Ginkgo Bioworks. As with the above firms, we are often among the first institutional capital into our portfolio companies working alongside angels and other seed and early stage focused firms.

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