Retaining Talent — Tamr’s Take

In your search for competitive advantage, avoid employee turnover that destroys synergy and explodes personnel costs. The team at fast-growing Tamr, part of the Koa Lab Start-up Club, understands this vital leadership maxim — find the best people, support them, and keep them.  Reward them, honor them, do not short-change them.  Even let them go without a “non-compete” if they find something else that stimulates their passion.

In a thoughtful piece about employee motivation and its link to company growth, the co-founder and CEO of Tamr, Andy Palmer, describes the importance of offering an attractive line of benefits that not only provides for basic family security, but also keeps employees fresh with creative vacation plans, worry-free with emergency home-care for their dependents, and family-oriented with generous time for parental leave.

Read Andy’s take on how to build an attractive and do-able compensation/benefits package and why it works.

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