Time for Tamr

One of the advantages of serial entrepreneurship (with enough successes to offset the many failures) is the opportunity to help the next generation of entrepreneurs get their first projects off the ground.  Over the past 4-5 years I’ve really focused on helping others with their projects.  It is a tremendous privilege to work so closely with so many great entrepreneurs such as Dave Girouard, Dulcie Madden, Inder Singh, Ellen Rubin, Christopher Ahlberg, Rob Infantino, Marilyn Matz, Lee Taylor, Lissy Hu, Frank Moss and many others in the Koa community.

Right now, however, Tamr calls.  Focusing on Tamr comes at the cost of not being able to consider new investments via the Koa Fund or BOD opportunities. As a fellow entrepreneur – I know how valuable your time is and therefore, to save us both some time I ask that folks refrain from submitting ideas/investment proposals to me/Koa.

I’ll turn the investment faucet back on @ Koa Fund @ some point (likely after the next economic downturn – I think I learned something about that in b-school – buy low, sell high – right? 😉

Koa Labs is still going strong – and actually we have a few seats opening up in January – so if you are an engineer and are looking for a place to hang out and start your next project – drop Tony Purpura a note – anthony.purpura@koalab.com.

Of course if I can help in ways other than writing new checks or finding a seat @ Koa – I’m at Tory Row almost every morning for breakfast 🙂


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