Congratulations to Firecracker!

The Koa Labs crew is thrilled that Firecracker is moving out of our space today.

We’re thrilled not because they were bad tenants- but rather the opposite. Over the last year, since moving to Koa Labs, founder Ben Williams has grown his team from 1 to 6 with more hires on the way. After Tony came on board in the early summer, it was clear they were going to be unstoppable. Firecracker emulated a model Koa tenant- one to two founders who build a company and scale, using Koa’s spartan space to ignore distractions and focus on building a strong, independent company. Together with Frank, Joan, Åsa, Louise, Chris, Jason, and Jason II, Ben’s been able to do just that. They brought a lot of life to Koa, from calming banzai trees to neon New Balance kicks; we’ll be sad they’re not around but psyched for the next group of founders to join us.

Firecracker is a tremendous company with a simple premise: they help make medical students become the best doctors they can be. We proud to support that mission and of the fact Firecracker is a studying staple for nearly 1 in 5 medical students in the US- and we’re sure it will only continue to grow in importance. We’re psyched helped them on their path and can’t wait to share in their future successes.

At some point, companies outgrow us, and we view that as a cause for celebration, not for sadness. Congrats to Ben and his team.

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