Women Start-Up Leaders in Boston/Cambridge

My friend Julia Austin recently forwarded me a link on a study conducted by the National Center for Women & Information Technology – link to the study is here.  It’s a great study that caused me to think about my own sponsorship of women in tech and rightfully calls for men in tech to consider more proactive sponsorship of women leaders.

There are great role models for women in tech here in Boston – three of my favorites are Paula Long, Helen Greiner and Maria Cirino.  Consistent with the findings of the study, my strong support of women in the start-up workplace has been influenced indirectly by great role models such as Paula, Helen and Maria – but also by working directly with and for women throughout my my career, specifically:

In addition to thinking about women who have had an impact on me directly – I’ve gotta admit that the report caused me to look at my own sponsorship of women in business and specifically women entrepreneurs in Cambridge/Boston.  It was pretty cool to see that – when I looked through my projects @ Koa  – there are more than a dozen great women leaders/Founders in my modest portfolio of companies.  Perhaps the coolest thing is that (until I looked at the report from NCWIT) I hadn’t really thought about investing in women  – I’ve just been investing in great people with fantastic ideas and – turns out – gender really doesn’t matter – at least at Koa.

Some of the amazing new women leaders in tech who I’ve had the privilege to work with and back with investments of money and/or time over the past few years include:

Additionally, there are many outstanding young female leaders at many of my portfolio companies, just a few of which include :

If there is an area that I think I can particularly improve wrt sponsorship of women – it’s influencing the number of women on start-up boards of directors.  We need more women in the boardrooms of the best start-ups and I’m committed to doing whatever I can to influence a positive change in this direction.  I also think that we need more women in venture capital – although I’m reluctant to advocate for any more venture capitalists of any gender 😉

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5 Responses to Women Start-Up Leaders in Boston/Cambridge

  1. Tom says:

    Great piece- would be great to see the authors name and twitter handle here. Can’t see who wrote this from a mobile device!

  2. kegilpin says:

    Here here! It takes so much more than a room full of “brogrammers” to make an innovative startup. Paraphrasing Elizabeth Lawler (my co founder), looking off the beaten track for talent is the way to play Moneyball with tech startups.

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