Culture Matters: Facebook CIO talks about how well Vertica, Facebook people mesh

Every once in a while, as a entrepreneur, there are these moments of overwhelming pride and satisfaction that make all the sacrifice, risk and anxiety worthwhile.  I had one of these moments listening to Tim Campos – the CIO @ Facebook talk about their experience working with HP Vertica.

I was proud to listen as Tim described how Facebook has used  Vertica to build a big data environment that balances scale and speed – specifically:

  • stores 12 months of revenue data instead of their previous limit of 1 month
  • dramatically increased cycle time of data refresh from prior limit of 24 hours to 1 hour
  • enables interactive views of data that were previously not possible because queries took too long to complete or ran in minutes and now the same queries run in seconds

This is a fantastic accomplishment in one of the most challenging technical environments in the world – however – my proudest moment was when – at about 11:05 in the video – Tim describes what it’s like to work with the people at Vertica and how the culture of Vertica meshes with the culture of Facebook :

“The people side of things I think are just as important as the technology side of things.  And in fact this is one of the reasons we’ve been really excited to work with the Vertica team.  The people that we have worked with at Vertica – they have meshed incredibly well with our culture – we’re very demanding, we’re very results oriented, we’re very innovative, we like to break things and try new ways of thinking about things and it’s just been tremendous to have a partner with Vertica that thinks the same way that we do.”

Honestly, I can’t imagine a better compliment.  Thanks to everyone at Vertica for doing such a fantastic job building and sustaining a powerful culture of innovation, technical leadership and commitment to excellence and thanks to our partners at HP for maintaining that culture over the years.

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