Great report on the impact of MIT in entrepreneurship by Ed Roberts from 2009

Some highlights :

  • Combined annual revenue of companies founded by still-living MIT alumni whose companies have not been acquired or merged with others: $2 Trillion across 25,800 companies
  • 3.3 Million people employed by these companies
  • Percentage of MIT founders who have started multiple companies: 41%
  • Number of new companies typically started per year by MIT alumni : 900

MIT is truly a global entrepreneurial force

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1 Response to Impact of MIT on Entrepreneurship

  1. Some followers suggested that I ignored HBS – not intentional ( I live in Harvard Square) – probably take it for granted – which is unfair – kudos to the I-Lab and such great eship profs at HBS such as Eisenmann, Sahlman, Lassiter, Wasserman.

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