RISD Entrepreneur Mindshare Celebrates Artrepreneurship

Encouraging Entrepreneurship for Artists

My wife Amy Palmer and I were honored to sponsor the 2nd annual RISD Entrepreneur Mindshare. RISD President John Maeda has provided incredible leadership and thoughtful guidance in developing the next generation of top-tier “Artrepreneurs,” and the event was truly inspiring.

This year’s conference had more than 150 participants including RISD students, alumni and faculty as well as folks from the Providence and Boston entrepreneurial communities.
The conference kicked off with Joe Gebbia RISD ’05/ID/GD, Co-Founder of Airbnb,  who gave a profound talk about how to be successful as an artrepreneur.  
There was some great press coverage of the event:
At RISD, Design Meets ‘Scrappy’ to Create Artrepreneurship

RI School of Design holds innovation conference

Joe was followed by a two-day visit by Enrique Allen, co-founder of The Designer Fund, who met one-on-one in small groups with RISD students and alumni.  RISD students were the first audience given access to the brand-new free e-book published by the Designer Fund, Designer Founders.

The next big event at RISD is the Artrepreneur Bootcamp in collaboration with the New York Foundation of the Arts in January followed by a full-day hands-on Art of Business Bootcamp in April.
There is a vibrant and visible student entrepreneurial community at RISD, thanks in large part to the support of RISD President John Maeda as well as the entire RISD Staff  especially Greg Victory, who is the voice of entrepreneurship at RISD.  GREAT JOB, GREG!
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